President – Leo de Graaff, born in 1938, studied earth sciences at the University of Amsterdam, where he subsequently held the position of senior lecturer in geomorphology and geology. He carried out his first field studies in Vorarlberg in the summer of 1963. It was the start of a lifelong involvement with the area: training of students, research of the glacial history, geotechnical consulting and nature protection. He continued the research activities after his retirement.

Secretary – Harry Seijmonsbergen was born in 1961 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and studied Physical Geography at the University of Amsterdam. During his Master and PhD research he developed methods for the evaluation of natural hazards based on detailed geomorphological mapping in Vorarlberg. Currently his research in the Computational Geo-Ecology group at the University of Amsterdam focuses on the functioning of Geo-Ecosystems by using digital terrain models, geographical information systems and remote sensing.

Treasurer – Mat De Jong was born in 1954 in Meerssen, The Netherlands. He studied Physical Geography at the University of Amsterdam, where he received his PhD degree in 1983. Since then, he has worked in the oil and gas industry. He has combined this work with research activities in Quaternary geology and geomorphology, mainly in Vorarlberg and the adjacent Alpine foreland.